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Pool supplies

Complete Swimming Pool Services stocks the best supplies and equipment to keep your pool in top condition.

Every pool needs regular upkeep. At Complete Swimming Pool Services, we can either offer you a personal pool repair service or professional standard pool chemicals and treatments. Combined with our expert advice, it has never been easier to keep your pool clear and fresh.

Is your pool too cold to swim in comfortably? Do pests get into your pool overnight? We stock a wide range of pool equipment to keep your pool warm and pest free. With a full set up you can even enjoy your pool all year round.

We stock a wide range of pool supplies:

  • Pool chemicals to ensure your pool stays clear and clean
  • Pumps
  • Filters to remove any debris that might get into the pool
  • Liners that we can also install for you
  • Boilers
  • Pool valets so that your pool stays algae free

If you require help with something other than the above, call us now and see if we can help you.

Please contact us to find out which brands we stock and all of our wonderful deals.

Empty Swimming Pool at House Swimming Pool Motor Room

Do you need equipment to keep your pool clean? For competitive prices, call us on
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