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Swimming pool maintenance

Is your pool unsightly? Does it need a deep clean or a new pool liner/ or pool tiling work? Complete Swimming Pool Services can help you.

Algae build up and stained linings are a constant worry for pool owners, but at Complete Swimming Pool Services we excel in repairs which keep your pool looking new and clean. If you want to make sure your pool is spotless before a swim, we can perform a chlorine shock treatment and general clean to keep your mind as clear as your pool.

We can replace or repair pipework etc, or pool lining . If your pool is leaking or suffering from algal growth, we can replace the drain or pool lining to make sure that your pool is both safe and not affecting your garden.

Swimming pool maintenance services we provide:

  • Pool liner replacement so that your pool will look new and fresh
  • Pool cleaning to ensure you have a crystal clear pool
  • Pipework repairs
  • New skimmers
  • Wall fittings
  • Main drains
  • pH adjustment to make sure your pool is safe and healthy
  • Chlorine shock treatment
  • and much more

If you require help with something other than the above, call us now and see if we can help you.

If you would prefer to clean your pool yourself, why not take a look at the swimming pool supplies we have in stock?

Pool Pool Construction Tiles at Swimming Pool

Does the sight of your pool put you off swimming? For pool maintenance deals, call us now on
07887 656 407

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